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Understanding the 10Ps of internal marketing to empower employees for better business results

Internal marketing is all about using a marketing-like approach to respond to and satisfy employees’ needs in a similar way to how an organisation deals with its external customers. The idea is to make employees feel cared for and valued by the organisation … Read More

Leading change in crisis

Change at the best of times is difficult and creates fear and uncertainty, but during times of crisis it becomes overwhelming and sometimes paralysing. Weick (1995) defined crisis as “a cosmology episode which occurs when  …. Read More

How internal marketing leads to improved customer satisfaction

The shift from consumer goods marketing to relationship management and experience management over the past decade has led to many organisations – specifically service organisations – placing a stronger emphasis on…Read More

5 ways to enhance a growth mindset

It was Mahatma Gandhi who made the link between our beliefs and our destiny with his famous quote: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions becomeRead More