About Us

We aim to create organisations that have a great sense of purpose


All employees need to understand where the leadership team is taking the organisation and how they contribute to getting the organisation there. We work to ensure that you are getting the best from your people and that all employees across all departments and levels of management know how to find any root problem, solve that problem and push the organisation to improve.

In this way we contribute to moving the world forward

We create systems in which people and processes work together for the same purpose: to move the organisation and communities forward. This is reflected in our brand. The symbol of a golden palm leaf signifies growth and victory, since we work hard to ensure that our clients are victorious in all of their endeavours.

We don’t believe in confining ourselves to structured methodologies, 

We bring strong listening skills, ideas, experience, creativity and genuine care to everything we do. Furthermore, we believe in partnering with our clients – in this way we are able to develop collaborative relationships across the organisation and build the required capabilities internally, thereby enabling our clients to sustain themselves over the long run.

Who we are

We take a unique view on consulting in that we believe each client is different and, as a result, requires a distinctive solution to meet their needs

Clients first

Our client’s dreams, visions and goals are our dreams, visions and goals; we go above and beyond to deliver


We strive for clarity and making tough concepts simple, we provide simple solutions that all employees can buy into

Caring hearts

We believe in long term relationships. We aim to be memorable, trusted and thought of as part of our client’s family


We determine where the industry needs to go, and we help our clients to make the leap into the phenomenal

Our Team

Dr Leigh de Bruin – Managing Partner/Principal Consultant

Leigh is an accomplished executive with a 20+ year track record in successful strategic leadership specifically in strategy, culture change, employee engagement and executive coaching across a multitude of global markets and organizations.

During her time in the GCC region, she has been passionately committed to the improvement of organizational and individual transformation and has positively transformed companies and individuals across a range of industries including financial services, telecommunication, oil and gas, construction, automotive and logistics.

Over the past 12 years she has successfully consulted to and coached leaders internationally across Asia, Europe, the GCC, South Africa and the USA



Sarah Coetzee – Brand & Communications Specialist

Proficient in all aspects of marketing and communication, Sarah has spent the past 20 years providing creative and effective solutions mainly in the financial services industry. She is practised in strategy and tactics and specialises in corporate communication. Energetic and meticulous, Sarah has managed change projects for some large organisations and led marketing teams with a dedicated focus on delivery and results.

With a master’s degree in intercultural communication, Sarah brings a depth of knowledge and skill that will address any organisation’s communication needs.

Claire Humphreys – Executive Coach

Claire specialises in behavioural psychology and executive coaching. She has over 20 years’ experience working with leadership and teams in terms of performance enhancement and the development of high potential talent. She is passionate about coaching and applies a combined approach in terms of focus, challenge and exploration. She has worked across a range of industries including financial services, public sector, and National Health and has consulted across the UK and GCC region.

Claire holds a bachelor’s degree in psychodynamic psychotherapy and an advanced diploma in integrative psychotherapy. She is a certified coach and NLP practitioner.

Maisa Alajmi

Maisa Alajmi is a passionate and dedicated coach and co-facilitator, who works locally in Oman. She holds a BSc in Economics, an MBA and a CTI coaching certification.

She is extremely passionate about creating higher levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence and is really skilled in aligning teams and helping people develop deeper perspectives around challenging situations.