I am proud to share these testimonials from a handful of clients. They demonstrate the range of services provided and, I believe, the level of satisfaction each client has enjoyed.

MD, Mercedes Benz

We had the pleasure of working with Palmyra from conceptual stage through to the development and implementation of a complete change management strategy and employee engagement program spanning over a year.  Palmyra is exceptional in terms of understanding their clients’ needs and transforming these into simple and manageable solutions.  We have been thoroughly impressed with their business acumen, knowledge, experience, competence and level of professionalism. There was a noticeable improvement in leadership alignment, employee satisfaction and engagement and overall service levels.

COO, National Bank of Oman

I worked with Leigh as our consultant lead, to implement, from design of Al Jawda, a Lean principle methodology for NBO Operations staff, to implementing an exciting new way of work.

The change program took approximately one year, where Leigh helped in establishing the core team and implementing the first areas, whereafter she coached the team to do the rollout.

This initiative helped staff to begin to believe in themselves. They felt empowered to bring change into the workplace by taking their own initiative in implementing new ideas that enhance the way they work. The outcome was improved efficiencies, streamlined processes and the most important achievement – staff started believing that they can implement change.

Leigh was key in designing, planning and implementing the change with the NBO Operations Group team. Leigh’s insight and expertise in the field of Lean and change management contributed to establishing a vision for the group. She then helped in translating the vision in a practical way for implementation. She made people believe that nothing is impossible.

Thank you, Leigh. You do not realise how much this meant for the staff and the impact this had on their lives! Job well done!

Manager, Worley Parsons

Leigh’s mindset and behaviour program has had a significant impact on my personal and professional life. It has been very effective in enabling me to recognize my negative thought patterns that are destructive and detract from my performance, and Leigh has provided me with the tools to correct these habits.

The program has been instrumental in bringing clarity during tense or stressful situation which has led to more effective decision-making and conflict resolution. The program has also helped me to identify my career path which is aligned with my personal values and also aids in recognising decision points which will influence outcomes.

Leigh is a really dedicated and passionate coach. Her ability to draw out pertinent details of my personal experiences that are relevant to the barriers that I am facing and apply specific techniques in a way that I understand has been exemplary. I am very grateful for Leigh’s guidance throughout this process.

CEO, Boutallion

The powerful thing about Leigh as a coach, is that she is so well educated and experienced, she is multi-disciplined and adds so much knowledge and insight. I live a million lives and she resonates with every life and every situation which is so powerful.

She can coach me in my business and on my business strategy, she coaches me on how to engage better with my team, she coaches me on my behaviours, my limiting language patterns, she coaches me through my fears and in every aspect of my personal life.

She is so diverse and is constantly evolving herself – this is her true power. She really listens well and understands exactly what her clients need. She connects so deeply with her clients and really steps into their world, I feel so cared for, carried and secure.

She is growing me into the CEO I need to become, I am able to break things down, structure things more effectively and put meaningful strategies in place, she helped me engage and communicate better with my team whilst all the time reminding me not to forget about myself. I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities and feel so much more powerful.